Build guide manual

PACHRAY SUB250 freestyle

The best components currently available are used for this build. In order to achieve maximum performance and durability of the Quad, follow all steps of the manual.

Solder electronics at a temperature of 250-280 degrees, TBS SOLDER 0.8mm solder, BC2 and C4 soldering iron tips and DREMEL VersaTip gas blowtorch. Conformal, Acrylic coating PLASTIC-71

There are 8 silicone vibration dampers in the frame kit, it is important to use them for carbon and FC board. The vibration dampers included in the FC board have a different size and will not fit.

It is important to prepare the wires before soldering. Seal the bundle, bend the wires in place and tin the wire. It will help to solder as quickly as possible and eliminate unnecessary overheating of components next to the place of soldering.

On this board, the pins for soldering of the power wires are rather small and on the underside of the board ESC components are located close to the soldering point. Most probably that prolonged overheating will damage the ESC. To avoid damages it is recommended to use a thinner wire 18AWG.

To protect against moisture, the board must be covered with a protective coating. At this stage, only the bottom of the board is coated. The board must be cleaned before applying the protective coating (you can use isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush for cleaning).

After installing the cord holder, shorten the power wires. Red - 45mm, black - 40mm. The distance is measured from the place where the wire exits from the holder hole.

Measure the motor wires in place before cutting.

For ease of soldering motors use a Mini flat clamp.

Before soldering the capacitor check the polarities! The capacitor must be installed in the direction away from the XT30 connector.

After soldering the XT30 and the capacitor, you need to test motors in the Betaflight configurator. To do this, flash the latest firmware, activate the DSHOT600 protocol for ESC and bidirectional DSHOT.

To test motors: go to the MOTORS tab and spin each motor separately to maximum speed with fully charged 4s LIPO. (!!!Do not spin the motor at maximum speed for more than 1 second!!!). After checking each motor, spin all motors together with 20-30% speed and make sure that the RPM telemetry shows the same value for all motors.

The goal of the test is to make sure the ESC works correctly and the motors sound clean. If you hear a cracking sound or one of the motors overheats, you must fix it before completing the assembly !!!

The most common problems are build mistakes or defective board.

If you can't fix the problem, replace the board with a new one and repeat the motor's test.

It is very important to get the motors working clean at this stage, otherwise the Quad will not fly smoothly and it cannot be fixed by settings !!!​

Preparation and soldering JST-SH х9 connector for connecting TBS Sixty9.

Solder the first 50mm red wire of the TBS Sixty9 connector. To solder the black wire, you need to warm up the board to 50 degrees for a few minutes. Solder the rest of the wires in order: yellow, green, white. Measure the wires in place and gradually make wire harness.

After soldering, clean the board.

Solder the yellow wire for the FPV camera input. To solder on the bottom of the board, remove the two motors and carefully turn the board over. After soldering, clean the contact and cover with a protective layer. Install the battery strap and carefully melt velcro pile.

🛠️To mount the TBS Sixty9 to the nylon holder, shorten four bolts from the frame kit to 12mm and smooth cut.

After the protective coating has hardened, you can peel off the coating from the main components for better cooling. You can clean the components on the bottom side of the board as well.

Screws for holding Sixty9 4mm. Note that longer screws can damage components on the main board !!!!

The frame kit includes two М1.4-5mm tapping screws for holding the VTX antenna holder. The VTX antenna needs to be glued into the holder and installed on the canopy. Before the adhesive has set, make sure that the antenna connector is directed correctly.

Gently bend the antenna wire as shown above. Crossfire T-antenna two turns counterclockwise.

Before connecting the antenna install FPV camera and make sure the wire is in place and has no bending stress. Connection sequence: FPV camera, RX antenna, VTX antenna. After connecting antennas, attach the canopy to the frame with three screws from the kit.

Сorrect battery installation 4S-5S Lipo 60-100gr.

The best props for this quad HQ T3/2.5/3

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